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Calibration and Validation


System Response Functions

Blackbody Emissivity

This section shows the emissivity plots of the MASTER blackbodies. The two blackbodies are termed blackbody 1 and blackbody 2. The emissivities of the blackbodies were measured with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Nicolet Spectrometer. The Nicolet is an interferometer with a hemispherical attachment. The spectra were acquired at 4 wavenumber resolution.


Blackbody 1 measurement location map

bb1Blackbody 2

Blackbody 2 measurement location map



The primary goal of the MASTER validation activities is to provide information on the radiometric and geometric characteristics of MASTER data. A secondary goal is to validate any higher level products derived from MASTER data. Validation activities are important to confirm that the results obtained from MASTER in the laboratory (calibration) are similar to those obtained in-flight. MASTER is a versatile instrument operating from several platforms with very different environments. Therefore it is necessary to validate the data obtained on each platform. Validation experiments are conducted each year on the platforms planned for use that year.

December 1998 Beachcraft B200 Validation Experiment

June 1999 NASA DC-8 Validation Experiment

August 2001 NASA ER-2 Validation Experiment